Sales Update

Our EnviroAmps are ready for pick-up!

We had a great weekend at the Regent Street Mall and appreciate the help from everyone who came out!

We only have 34 amplifiers left to reach our goal! We will be at the Boyce Farmers Market on May 18th but you can contact us at Bliss Carman Middle School to pick one up this week!

Dots N-B

Hey guys! We just had repestentitives of Dots N-B, come over and  talking about their charity. They told us their story which started when the founder- a mother of a teenage girl- found out her daughter had mental health. So she wanted to raise awareness for youth with mental health. On December 7th a few years ago she wanted to get over 1,000 people to support mental awarness. She wanted to get every person who came to stand on a dot and connect hands. She thought no one would come, so she talked to lots of people hoping some would. On the day, she came over paniking but found out there were too many people over to fit the dots! Since then she has been doing Dots N-B! What a great story, don’t you think? We are supporting their charity because we think mental health is important! Thanks guys!

Business Cards!

Business Cards!

We asked Mr. Hamilton (our principal) for a small loan to purchase business card paper and to use his colour printer. These were made by two students using an iMac.

New Protoype

Mr. Thorne brought in a new prototype based on our ideas. We wanted to see if making the tunnel from the speaker smaller and having many circles where the sound came out would make the music louder. We used a decibal app. on an iphone to see which prototype was better. The first one was better because it made the music louder. We think that the new tunnel might have not allowed enough music waves to get out.

We liked the look of the new design better because it had knots and character as it was really left-over wood. We talked about students using Otterboxes can’t fit their iphones in the amplifier so we asked Mr. Thorne to make the opening bigger.

We are going to stick with the first design but use left-over wood with knots.

Smaller cound tunnel and more circles.

Smaller cound tunnel and more circles.


We will be taking pre-orders on Thursday(6:30pm – 8:30pm)  and Friday (9AM – 12PM) at Bliss Carman Middle School (615 Kimble  Drive, Fredericton, New Brunswick). The cost of the EnviroAmps  is $15.00 and engraving is $5.00 more. (Engraving must be with the pre-orders).

DOTs NB- What it’s About.

Hi everybody it’s at the charity team, we are here to tell you a little about DOTs NB our charity of choice.  DOTs NB is a New Brunswick non-profit charity working towards exellence in kids mental health in the province through youth, family and commuinity empowerment. We chose this charity because we noticed that mental health in youth and adolescents is a huge topic this year not only in the media but also at our school.  We also like the fact that they are a New Brunswick charity and a relativetly new.

Now that you know what they’re all about we hope that you will join us in supporting our buisness while also supporting our charity, Thanks!